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Ace Abbott’s Aviation Affair

Ace Abbott’s Aviation Affair – Private Jets: Justifiable Extravagance

The use of the private jet is often regarded as a mode of travel only used by the rich and famous. On the contrary, it is frequently used by businessmen who are not even amongst the wealthy one-per centers. Clay Lacy was a pioneer in the dynamic world of Learjet charter and remains very much involved with this company, Clay Lacy Aviation. He will expound on his iconic career as he discusses some of the nuances of corporate jet charter.

Richard Hodkinson, also a seasoned veteran as both a Learjet pilot, and now as a fleet manager for Clay Lacy Aviation will provide additional information relating to jet charter. He will further elaborate on the many advantages of traveling in a private jet that allows for greatly enhanced efficiency for the executive traveler. The private jet is also critical to the travel of celebrities as it allows them to relax without enduring the possible prying eye of the general public and the paparazzi.

Sports stars, particularly the PGA golf pros, who engage in extensive travel, rely on private jet travel to help them meet their demanding schedules as well as spend more time at home with their family. My experience flying Jack Nicklaus in the Learjet during the mid-70s, revealed to me in a glaringly obvious fashion, that his use of the private jet was critical to his professional and family life.