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Joan Porte

Astrological Cook – Happy Birthday Libras and Pluto Finds a Straight Path!

This week in “Astrological Cooking,” Joan says “Happy Birthday” to Librans with a wonderful Duo of Squash and Apple Soup recipe. Why a duo of soups for Libra? Listen in and find out.

We also show our appreciation for Pluto for getting out of retrograde and moving in a direct motion with a dessert served at the Day of the Dead celebrations. That isn’t as odd as it seems as Pluto rules the domain of death and rebirth and we are coming upon Halloween after all.

These recipes and more are in the Joan’s cook book, “Signs of the Tines: The Ultimate Astrological Cookbook.”

Also in this week’s podcast is a walk around the houses of the zodiac where we learn what energies are contained in each house and how they will affect your life. More information on the houses is available on Joan’s blog