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On America’s Frontlines of Crime and War

On America’s Frontlines of Crime and War – a Modern Defense against Jihad?

With no shame and a blatant finger to the politically correct; one family owned small business has designed the perfect solution to fighting against radical islam and the freak show hard line believer waging Jihad. Concern should be on your minds we believe about the possibility of radical islam finding its way inside our shores, in our malls, schools, and against our families. The multiple attacks against the twin towers and the recent attack in Boston show us what to potentially expect once the gloves come off. Really it’s not a matter of if but a matter of when and how bad this fight will become.

Jihawg is obviously a play on words; specifically the word Jihad.

Jihawg Ammo uses a pork infused coating to “contaminate” or render the projectile “Haraam” meaning unclean. That would prevent the human garbage known as a mujahideen fighting a Jihad (Holy War) from meeting Allah because they were “unclean” and not allowed entry to heaven. I say riddle the bastards with Jihawg and make sure they won’t be meeting their maker as martyrs.

It’s rumored that CPT “Black Jack” Pershing used this act of haraam to squelch muslim fighters in SE Asia in 1911 and bring a semi peace that lasted nearly 50 years or more. It still remains a debated subject and remains one of those “Fact or Fiction” mysteries. I say again if this psychological element can successfully be used that it’s a crime to NOT use it to defend our beliefs, loved ones, freedoms, and ultimately our great nation.

Gimmick or a pro-active defense product?

I bring this interview to you to decide for yourself.

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