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A Woman’s Path to Consciousness

A Woman’s Path to Consciousness – Woman and mid-life: rediscovering your passion and purpose

Wrinkles, short term memory loss, losing your glasses, your life purpose was bringing up the kids, and now they don’t need you, or you haven’t a clue who the top musicians are?

If any of this sounds familiar, welcome to mid-life. It is a time in our life where we get to discover who we really are… and are we being that person? Mid-life, should not feel like a crisis, but rather a rebirth.
Beth Frede is helping women who are feeling adrift and alone in their mid-life, and to reconnect to their passion and purpose, using creative expression through art.

Beth founded Creative Revelations, helping women in and around their 40’s to get crystal clear about what they want for their lives, discover what’s stopping them from achieving it, and take inspired action by building upon their natural strengths.

To learn more, visit http://creative-revelations.com