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Inside Cosmetic Surgery Today – How to choose your cosmetic doctor: advice from Dr Lycka & Dr Chaffoo

Cosmetic surgery, plastic surgery – regardless of what you call them, they are typically elective procedures; it is you that chooses to have the surgery. But how do you choose the best surgeon to perform your cosmetic surgery? There are many things to consider and to guide us along the path of choosing a cosmetic doctor. To help us this week we welcome once again Dr Richard Chaffoo, triple board certified plastic surgeon from San Diego, California. He talks in depth with your show host & Edmonton cosmetic dermatologist Dr Barry Lycka about how to choose a cosmetic doctor. The two doctors discuss the many attributes that a good doctor will have and they both have some very interesting points of view and anecdotes to share with us as they guide us through this very important decision making process. They also talk about modern liposuction, which they prefer to call liposculpture as an excellent procedure for shaping and sculpting the body.

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