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Mark Spivak

Quench! – Koval Distillery: From The Heart

Being a craft distiller is more than a matter of size: It’s a question of style, approach and mission. At Koval, Chicago’s first legal distillery within the city limits since Prohibition, Michael Birnecker and Sonat Birnecker Hart are carrying on a family tradition with passion. They source and mill all of their own grains, select and filter the water for their products, and use only the heart of the distillate—the clear, sweet center of the process. The result is an impressive array of liqueurs and single barrel whiskies. Sonat discusses their philosophy and practices. On Bizarre Beverage News, Mark examines the Breathometer, the first breathalyzer app for smart phones. He also delves into the inevitable appearance of a new line of wines, marketed by Fifty Shades of Grey.


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