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Time Management Radio – Emily Klein, Founder Flextime Global: How to develop a more flexible workplace to save time, increase engagement & productivity

Listen to Time Management Radio to discover how companies are using flextime and redefining the way we work to improve productivity, achieve employee engagement, work life balance and improved financial results.

My guest is Emily Klein, Founder of Flextime Global, a company that helps organizations evolve into supporting a more flexible workplace. Emily is a Strategy & Organizational Development Expert with a Passion for Creating Flexible workplaces across industries & government. She helps companies step into the 21st Century by implementing flexible workplace practices, strengthening virtual workplaces and building high performing teams. During our conversation, we discuss:

• How employers and employees are redefining how and where we work and some of the changes unfolding in the workplace today.
• The benefits to having a flexible workplace and examples of companies that are implementing it successfully.
• How you can advocate a flexible work schedule for yourself and overcome the cultural barriers to flextime without feeling threatened or afraid of losing your job, a new assignment or promotion.

Emily is the co-author of Workshift: Future-Proof Your Organization for the 21st Century. You can learn more about Emily and her work at

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