Avant Gardener – 101413

Hosts Derek and Carolyn are celebrating A YEAR OF SHOWS. After reminding listeners to check out a free issue of their newsletter, the Avant gardener at avantgardener.info, Derek recalls some of the experts that they have interviewed, noting that listeners can click on PREVIOUS SHOWS to hear the original interview. The experts recalled are Dr. Darrell Apps, who spoke about re-blooming daylilies; also bulb expert Brent heath who discussed the planting a spring flowering bulbs such as tulips and daffodils. Then there was Bruce Hellerick, a farmer who grows pumpkins for fall harvest and strawberries for spring harvest. He not only discusses varieties of pumpkins to grow for holiday decoration, but also varieties of strawberries that are both large fruited and tasty. Myron Kressman, another professional vegetable grower, discussed vegetables for fall and winter harvest, including the broccoli known as Romanesco, which has a beautiful chartreuse head composed of edible buds arranged in spirals and delicious to eat either raw or cooked. Their guest this session is R. J. Laverne, arborist at the famous Davey Tree Expert Company who explains why they no longer use tree wound dressing after pruning damaged tree limbs, why newly planted trees are best fertilized in the fall rather than the spring, and when to use a treatment known as injection fertilizing when a tree needs feeding. In the e-mail segment the Fells explain the benefits of foliar feeding to improve yields, how to encourage daffodils and tulips to come back year after year, and how to increase blueberry yields.