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Sheryl Glick

Healing From Within – Improving Life with Laughter




In today’s episode of “Healing From Within” Host Sheryl Glick welcomes Merrie Lynn Ross author of “Life As An Improv” and numerous other books. Merrie Lynn shares her extraordinary experiences as an award winning filmmaker, actress, author and most importantly a lead child activist working with other film notables, philanthropists and corporate sponsors to bring arts and ETHICS back into our schools. In the physical or material world, the influences from outside often seem to be our only way to navigate perceptions of how well we are developing skills, handling challenges, and experiencing health and happiness. However, in this fast moving technological environment many legislators, educators, medical professionals and parents are becoming increasingly concerned and overwhelmed by the extensive amounts of information being received and discovering ways to manage stress and our overall well-being. In today’s episode of “Healing From Within” we hope people may remember that laughter and joy are our natural state of Being and may provide a barrier from unnecessary levels of negativity. Remembering to find quiet moments to access our “Intuitive Self” leads us back to our natural state of well being.

Merrie Lynn has founded the Merrie Way Community and created Morp America and Peace Smarts , a solution that provides curriculums that deal with “Bullying” and consequences for over 2 million students, parents, and teachers who are not able to understand the hurtful and damaging ways some young people deal with each other. The hope is to establish programs and methods that foster a more unified and cooperative approach in dealing with emotions, and behavior, so our children can grow into more balanced, and productive adults. Establishing values that foster compassion, kindness and cooperation rather than excessive competition, may be the answer to encouraging more self-love and more productive relationships with others.

Sheryl Glick, author of” Life Is No Coincidence” shares her thoughts, illuminating coincidences and synchronistic events, a form of guidance from higher intelligence or Spirit, clues leading us to create an expression of our individuality for seeking a happier way to accept our challenges. Months ago Sheryl read an article in “Prevention Magazine” about Goldie Hawn, actress and founder of The Hawn Foundation. In the article Ms. Hawn discussed her years of meditation practice, a spiritual search for self-improvement, family values, and how the creative community, working together, could bring hope and love to the many. The Hawn Foundation, which has brought the concept of “Mindfulness” to over 150,000 children around the world, teaches children ways to reduce stress and anxiety by understanding where negative emotions live in the brain. Ways are offered for taking charge of feelings and behaviors. This is not unlike the work I do as a Reiki energy practitioner. Upon reading the article I immediately sent an invitation for Goldie to share her passion for joy and her efforts for helping youngsters develop a more loving and accepting view of themselves and utilizing their energetic thoughts for creating the best life possible. The very next day I received an e-mail from Merrie Lynn Ross, an actress who is an intuitive, spiritually aware, and a socially responsible citizen working for higher views of how to live compassionately and to serve humanity in a meaningful way. Did Spirit bring Merrie Lynn to the show or was she connected to Ms. Hawn’s foundation?

Merrie Lynn Ross started her acting career at a young age. Sheryl’s own daughter, Stacey Glick, was a child actress for over ten years, so Merrie Lynn and Sheryl have another connection and coincidence. Merrie Lynn played Bubbles La Rue on “Happy Days” and the role of Emma Lutz on ABC’s “General Hospital”. It appears that many creative artists, musicians, writers and actors find a way to use their talents for service to others. In Merrie Lynn’s book she discusses the story of The Ant Hill she enjoyed as a child. The story was an example of what the world was about….Peace or War. Merrie Lynn decided then that it was feasible to take only what was needed and forfeit becoming a glutton. Overtime this philosophy filtered into relationships influencing all her decisions and the way she viewed her own needs. Merrie Lynn became more aware of what other people needed to feel secure. This awareness helped her to realize whether she was overreacting and dramatizing an event. This is a really important skill for personal success, health, and a better quality of life. It would be advisable to teach our children to be mindful of how their actions affect others and how to be thoughtful and interactive rather than reactive and self absorbed.

Merrie Lynn talks of The Human Dynamic… of the real you, the authentic one, and how circumstances, regardless of how perceived by others if rightly perceived by you, may give you the potential for your own development and uniqueness. It all boils down to passion, perseverance and ATTITUDE. Merrie Lynn writes “You choose to live the life you love and then are FREE.” Sheryl is reminded of a saying by Rodney Collins, a philosopher who studied the ideas and wisdom of the ancient Mystery schools and wrote.. “When true self remembering comes, one does not want to alter oneself or others: One somehow rises above their weaknesses and one’s own. There can be no blame anywhere. One swallows what is and becomes free.”

In her description of ascertaining how to view events and experiences in life, Merrie Lynn describes the color zones of life: Technicolor…grey zone….black and white…and how each of these 3 zones reflect the way we are living our lives.

Technicolor: Thoughts in this zone include, I am worthy of my good….My life matters…I can do it….I am not in conflict with growing and expanding into the wonder of my divine self. People living in this mindset follow their heart instincts, conquer the fears and limitations of their ego life, and choose beneficial actions eventually allowing them to feel comfortable in their own skin.

Grey Zone: Thoughts in this zone include, I forgot what turns me on…maybe nothing…Life is reduced to hum-drum work…get the kids to school, cook, eat, sleep…same old stuff…I AM SUFFOCATING..NO
POSSIBILITY OF CHANGE…this is my lot in life. In the grey zone you SETTLE… Consciousness is dim about who and what you truly are. Mediocrity exists.

Black and White Zone: Thoughts in this zone include; My way is the only way….I will fight for what I want and pay the price….if someone stands in my way I can overpower them or leave….old fashioned life snap shot…STIFFLING….LIMITING AND UP AND DOWN ROLLER COASTER …clinging to fixed rigid ways of living by following fixed beliefs….Holding on no matter what.

Most people vacillate- moving from one zone to another in different areas of their life. For example you may be in the Grey Zone in your career, Black and White Zone in our love relationships, yet we may live in the Technicolor Zone in hobbies, playing tennis or having fun with our children. If we become aware of where we are stuck and living robotically, we may be able to make empowering changes into full-blast living.

Merrie Lynn mentions that as we observe “The Witness State Within” seeing the physical body, mind and emotional body, we move to an understanding that this is the vehicle for expressing our Inner Source of Being, therefore, our physical life is only the means for the development for our inner soul being. The authentic inner voice of the witness experiences all external and internal experience and establishes an understanding of Universal Energy or the expanding and evolving nature of life. Becoming aware that the Mind is not our master and that the mind often traps us in delusional false beliefs or erroneous perceptions, allows you to make a leap of faith becoming the courageous and compassionate creator and soul connected to infinite possibilities. As you become aware that what you think, say and do, is the creation of either joy or suffering, you learn YOU are the creator of your own reality. Blaming others or any event is only a fear of accepting responsibility for your own choices.

Merrie Lynn and Sheryl, as seekers of higher truth, and very interested in helping children learn mind and body awareness so they may move within this world with greater courage and joy, suggest to parents that as they learn to nurture and care for themselves, they will be better role models for their children to emulate. Children are affected by everything their parents say and do. They either develop trust or distrust in the world and people around them as they follow the lead of those in charge of caring for them. Teaching your children to explore their abilities, interests, and desires, and to face their fears so they may let go of outdated beliefs, relationships and physical debris that no longer serve their needs is the most important gift a parent can share with their child. This does not mean we will not see them experience problems, pain or sorrow, yet if we allow them, honor them, and give them the space to make their own choices, they will be able to move beyond any challenge more realistically. In other words, to help children develop into adults, parents need to become healthy individuals themselves and focus on their own actions and reactions.

Merrie Lynn mentions that she feels a connection to departed souls and writes in her book, “I feel connection with departed souls, who I know or sense…there is a holographic imprint of the soul’s essence. They remain imprinted in the hearts of those who love them and cherish their memory” This thought leads to a discussion of Universal Energy and how by releasing imbalances in the energy system of a client during energy healing sessions one may connect fully to their soul or life plan and find the RESOLVE necessary to improve relationships . WHOLENESS and how to recognize ways to move past the temporal issues of the physical world to find a greater view of love, self and our dynamic creative forces are everyone’s natural birthright.