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Time Management Radio – Naomi Tickle, Career Consultant, Speaker & Author: The Facial Features of Highly Productive People—How to read facial features for business success & to save time

By analyzing your facial features, you can determine your unique traits and characteristics, the career you’re best suited for, and the type of business culture you’ll fit into. Face Pattern Recognition is highly accurate and can help you answer the questions: “Who am I and what’s my purpose?” It’s also a great tool for increasing sales, improving communication, enhancing business and personal relationships and team building.

My guest is Naomi Tickle, an International speaker, career consultant and author of What Makes People Tick and Why available on Amazon. Naomi has appeared on CNN, Fox News, NBC, BBC and Good Morning America. She’s been using Face Pattern Recognition for 22 years to help people find a career that ignites their passion. Naomi describes this process as a GPS to our inner blueprint and a tool to bring balance into our lives.

Join me for this fascinating discussion as we talk about:
• The benefits of using face pattern recognition to determine a person’s traits and characteristics
• The facial features of highly successful people
• How to spot a procrastinator, how to manage a skeptic
• Which features determine management style or leadership ability and how successful you might be in a job or career
• How this process helps save time

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