2012 Higher Love

Parent Well in our Digital World

Gloria DeGaetano

Parent Well in our Digital World – Keys for Using Technology to Enhance Life

Part One: Guest Interview

Gloria, founder of The Parent Coaching Institute (PCI) and author of Parenting Well in a Media Age, talks with PCI Certified Parent Coach® Sheryl Stoller. Sheryl coaches parents through her company, Stoller Parent Coaching, based in the Chicago area. Sheryl, the mother of three grown children, has addressed media issues in her family and now as a PCI Certified Parent Coach® she enjoys helping her coaching clients with these issues, as well. Sheryl was featured on NBC 5 Chicago weekend morning news to discuss the importance of media/digital family literacy. It is a subject she feels passionate about!

In this podcast covers important keys to ensuring that technology use in your family is used as a powerful tool to enhance life, not undermine relationships or limit the thriving growth and development of your children.

Some of the topics addressed:
1. Connect with kids before you direct them—putting the relationship foremost support parents to guide appropriately while children feel loved and secure.
2. Self-Direction—when we help children of all ages direct some of their media choices, we empower them to become wise users.
3. Responsive Parenting—listening deeply to our children’s dilemma’s with screen technologies makes for important lessons in setting their priorities now and in the future.
4. Healthy Self-Identity—attending to both ours and our children’s identity keeps our values alive and in the decisions we make.

Part Two: The Parent Coaching Corner™

I am coaching Lindsey, mom of two daughters, Charlie, age 5.5 and Olive, age, 2.5. Lindsey is working to provide a balanced approach to screen technologies for her daughters.
In our last coaching session Lindsey talked about creating a Reading Nook in the girls’ bedroom and had many creative ideas around it. She also wanted to begin a program of 20-minute “coupons” for the girls screen time. We discuss what happened as she tried out these wonderful ideas. Hint: The girls loved them!

Tune into the last four podcasts to catch up with Lindsey!

Thank you for listening!