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Time Management Radio – Mike Margolies, Sports Psychologist & Author: Train for Time Management Success Like an Athlete Trains for the Olympics

You may have heard of the mental game. It’s what we tell ourselves preparing for, during and after any form of competition. How we play the mental game determines how we play the one on the field or in the office.

Athletes know the importance of the mental game and training in order to be successful. How many business people train in order to be successful with their time? 
Not many. That’s why Sports Psychologist Mike Margolies wrote
 “The Athlete Within You: A Mental Approach to Sports and Business.”

Mike’s passion is working with athletes to give them the mental edge. He helps business professionals use the same techniques that top athletes use to propel themselves to success. During our interview, we discuss:

• The top skills that help athletes manage their time to perform at their highest levels;
• What mental focus means to a top performing athlete and 2 specific techniques to help athletes and business professionals stay focused and on top of their game;
• Finding your WHY and the inspiration to stay motivated.
Mike is a former professional soccer player who’s helped more than 2,000 athletes for over 30 years and guided many to world championships and even the Super Bowl. He’s worked with athletes from every sport including professional football to elite level figure skating. Mike has taught at four Universities and done research at the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs. He helps athletes and business professionals find what inspires and motivates them from within.

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