Love and Relationships

A Lasting Love

Hadley Finch

A Lasting Love – Heal Traumatic Stress Of Divorce, Breakup, Death of Loved One

See how combat veterans and victims of lost love heal PTSD, Post Traumatic Soul Disorder, from Dr. Jane Simington, and Host, Hadley Finch, creator

Discover why you needn’t be a combat veteran to suffer from post traumatic stress disorder. You can suffer severe trauma over lost love from a failed relationship, after a fatal illness or accident kills someone close to you, or when someone you’ve loved tries to bury you on the battlefield of divorce.

No matter what the cause of your traumatic stress, these proven techniques help you heal it now.
Hadley and her guest, trauma recovery intensive teacher and author, Dr. Jane Simington, each reveal how they’ve healed their own severe trauma after tragic losses of love, and you will, too.

See why traditional therapy may fail, but certain attitudes begin to heal your severe trauma sometimes in one day.

As Hadley chats with Dr. Jane, they each share simple steps you can take to feel better, starting today.
You’ll want to listen to this episode again and again to discover:

* Why a cardiologist told Hadley she could die from a broken heart, without taking steps to de-stress immediately;
* Why part of your psyche flees when you suffer severe trauma, and how to reclaim it now;
* Why it took Dr. Jane 7 years to recover from the death of her young son, and how she helps you heal PTSD in a few months or less;
* Which recurring dream reveals what you need to heal and how to do that;
* What 4 key questions indicate you need to heal soul pain, even in children;
* What techniques you can use today to heal troubling memories and flashbacks that haunt returning troops and breakup survivors;
* Which attitudes help you reach a level where healing begins;
* How to teach children coping skills needed to deal with trauma and loss;
* Which side of the brain you must reach to recover from trauma;
* Which creative exercises you can use today to get urgent relief;
* How to you transform your life, starting right now;
* How your dreams reveal what you need to heal to get all the love, health and happiness you deserve now.

Get the great love and happiness you deserve,