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Joan Porte

Astrological Cook – Jump for Joy over Jupiter!

Jupiter is our largest planet and in Astrology symbolizes our need to expand out of our safe cocoon and explore the wonders of the world. With Jupiter, we find our philosophy of life, our truth, and our joy.

What better time to talk to a woman who has dedicated her life to happiness? Our guest today is Roz Warren of Lean toward Happy. Roz coaches people in the art of finding true happiness and the fun of life with such programs as Cracking Your Chrysalis™ and finding the Sacred Money Archetype. The new Lean toward Happy Magazine is out on the Apple Newsstand – find out what special offer Roz has just for listeners of this podcast.

Jupiter rules the sign Sagittarius and because the Sun is in Sagittarius from late November to late December, we honor a fall vegetable, the acorn squash. My wonderful Acorn Squash and Polenta Soufflé recipe is on my blog, It is not in my cookbook, “Signs of the Tines: The Ultimate Astrological Cookbook” available at because I put it together for the first time this weekend out of leftovers.

So put on a smile, get the soufflé in the oven and come listen to Roz show you how to expand your fun, you money and your life – all things that would make Jupiter a very happy planet!