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Healing From Within – Marilyn Monroe’s Last Messages

In today’s episode of “Healing From Within” host Sheryl Glick author of Life Is No Coincidence—The Life and Afterlife Connection welcomes Dr. E.Z. Friedel a novelist, surgeon and author of his newest book, Marilyn’s Red Diary. His first novel , The Cutting Room, was based on his medical experiences in Spanish Harlem. Dr. Friedel has done 20 years of research for Marilyn’s Red Diary which is the documentation of the events of the last two years of her life. The story reveals the people who tried to protect her and the details of her interludes with the famous and powerful of that era. Marilyn Monroe was caught between intellectual giants—her awkward award –winning playwright husband, Arthur, and her playboy politician boyfriend Jack. Then along comes Jack’s brother Bobby, Frank Sinatra and several Mafia lords and the stage is set for tragedy. The world’s dream girl in this journal appears to be an extremely bright and loving soul trapped in her own sensuality and born far ahead of her times.

Surrounded by the many questions and concerns about the participants in her professional and personal life, her early childhood traumas in a series of foster homes one might ask, “Where was the support and love necessary to sustain this intelligent, yet still fragile personality?” Sheryl Glick as a Reiki energy practitioner/medium hopes to show in this episode that by studying the lives of others, observing their actions and struggles we can glean insights for moving past fear and limitation and create more balanced and joyful lives. Sheryl is also aware that no one can change the course of we have a time to be born, a time to leave this life, a time for success or failure, a time for health or illness,… still we can learn from experience how to recognize another person’s struggle as well as our own struggles, so we can help ourselves make choices that move us from harmful emotions and perceptions to create a better reality while we are alive.

In the doctor’s notes at the beginning of Marilyn’s Red Diary, Dr. Ralph Greenson, personal psychiatrist to Marilyn, had suggested she keep a journal as the best way to recognize repetitive patterns and circling behaviors that restricted her personal and spiritual growth. Near the end of her life, Marilyn realizing she was in danger because of her knowledge of political and criminal activities begged her trusted psychiatrist to protect her words. Hours before she was discovered dead in her California home, Dr. Greenson retrieved the diary and placed it in his safe.

Dr. Greenson wrote “Freud once described psychoanalysis as an impossible profession and treating Marilyn was twice that. Her life was so filled with turmoil and crisis and as a doctor I broke many standardized rules just to keep her afloat. I dropped my analyst reserve and became a friend, and then a supportive parent who she had always sought. I encouraged keeping a journal to relate continuity and progress in her treatment.”

In the book Marilyn wrote “So now I am fighting exhaustion too. Well at least when I’m back in LA I can see Dr. Greenson. If he knew how many different doctors I see, he’d flip. Sometimes less is more. Sometimes not. Especially when certain MD’s like my dear Professor of the Mind don’t like to medicate. Working through analysis , freeing up my demons rather than masking them through sedatives and sleeping pills.” It appears from this statement Marilyn knew Dr. Greenson was devoted to her healing, but she still continued to seek pills and sex to alleviate her anxieties and fears as do all addictive personalities. Hard to change a lifetime of abuse and mistrust due to hurtful events and people in one’s life.

Sheryl was most pleased to observe when reading this book that much like Marilyn Monroe, “Dr. Greenson was a doctor who was ahead of his time.” displaying a strong spiritual and possibly intuitive nature…as it is not possible to really help any individual to heal who does not feel a strong energetic connection to the practitioner. A feeling of trust and confidence and a safe environment must be provided for the healing work to be effective. A healer needs to show a regard for the complete elements relating to the heal and emotional issues of the patient. Furthermore to eliminate emotional or physical traumas, the patient’s responsibility is to make a commitment to discard old conditioning before adopting healthier behaviors. Healing is a two way street between practitioner and patient.

It ultimately comes down to this….If a medical practitioner is detached or unresponsive and distracted by their own personal dramas, often a separation is created that is seen by the patient or client as a lack of interest or real concern. For any healing to be achieved the doctor needs to discover the personal issues that have created a mind-body disconnect. This process takes time, excellent introspective techniques and a love for healing. Medicine and surgery only address the symptoms but the most successful doctors minister to the mind body and spirit of their patients.

Marilyn Monroe’s experiences with all the people in her life seemed to reflect a lack of trust in them and also her fear of abandonment. This would hardly be unexpected as she spent her childhood in foster homes and was sexually abused from a very early age. As a child she writes that she feared being buried without a marker like she had never existed. She feared being uncared for and unremembered. Since ACCEPTANCE BY OTHERS was her main goal, she failed to actualize the most important element for her emotional development and health: to love ourselves from within, and create her life not based on what others think or do, but by trusting her own instincts. Trusting our intuition and instincts and responding appropriately to the feelings in our body… lead us to make choices that are in our best interest. Marilyn Monroe like all who are compulsive about eating, drinking, drugs, sex, sports, electronic stimulation or any other addictive manifestations are often unwilling or unable to face the real demons in their past or in their thought processes, and as a result, remain in a state of denial about the real causes of their pain and sorrow. Learning the outside world is only temporary, and knowing that we can create a good life free of suffering is the stuff that spiritual growth is made of. Maturity of the soul and ego is the only way to become Whole and to find a state of peace.

In a recent HBO documentary well known actors read statements from Marilyn Monroe’s recently discovered letters and journals. Director Liz Garbus says “What I found in them was a very modern human being: someone who I felt I related to, and could have spent time talking to about the conflicts she faced between love and work, and about her insecurities as an artist.”

One of Marilyn’s insecurities and biggest regrets in this physical life that generated fear, loss of confidence and self-esteem was that she was not well educated. Yet she wrote in her journal that she wasn’t sure if she was emotional or promotional. Such an astute observation about herself and life in general, and from what I read in Marilyn’s Red Diary regardless of her educational background she was a bright and loving spirit who wanted a family… children and to do good in the world, but was surrounded by people who were only immersed in the physical world and their own self gratification…in other words surrounded by very low vibrational entities.

Being quite disturbed by reading about the abuse this young woman endured, and wanting to express in this show what Marilyn might wish known, Sheryl did a psychic reading in order to connect to Marilyn’s energy and life force and received the following messages:

1. Marilyn expressed she was always connected to Source and was downloading inspiration and loving energy and felt happiness and free moving in this state of love for the Universe and Divine, never doubting her success and challenges were sent from a higher energy. These spiraling healing energies around and through her, are signs of a healer.

2 I felt her singing dancing and constant movement…..She even attempted a pose and expression of Hinduism or Belly dancing. Art and beauty for self-expression and freedom for overcoming
Inhibitions were primary influences for her.

3 A dance with feathers in her mouth and she spit them out as she completed the sequence. She was really a trooper and not really a complainer.

4 Her true instinct was to be One with men and women and to bravely live life truthfully and explore the greatest possibility for Love which was always her main goal.
Marilyn showed herself smiling and happy in the middle of Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon from the movie “Some Like It Hot” and felt that friendship ultimately was better than other choices she made.

5 Marilyn’s head hurt as she tried to understand other people’s behavior and she stamped her feet and fists when people were treated poorly. She wanted people to love her and each other but didn’t know how to accomplish that not even with the many opportunities that surrounded her. However, she was most grateful to be remembered.

During this meditation with Sheryl connecting to Marilyn’s energy, Sheryl was delighted to have shared the true beautiful expression of love, talent, a soul with a big heart and evolved thoughts. Marilyn, as each of us, lived her life according to her soul needs and destiny, and now in Spirit held no judgment, sorrow or regret…she knows peace, beauty, gratitude and has retained her sense of innocence in the midst of unconscionable affronts to her physical being as Marilyn Monroe.

In the documentary discussed earlier, Marilyn expressed in written words what is revealed in the show….” I AM ‘M.M.’ I am not permitted problems, nervousness, humanness, blunders mistakes…and my own thoughts- Maybe I’ll never be able to do what I hope, but at least I have HOPE!

Marilyn’s Red Diary is a powerful book, about a powerful woman, and a time when power was misused by the political and social structures and not in alignment with the laws of energy, spirit and the divine. As a result the human condition failed to thrive and evolve into higher consciousness, respect for life, trust and love. If Marilyn’s life shows us the need to embrace the beautiful and fragile qualities of ourselves and others and seek to bring fairness and honor into our interactions, then her life was a triumph and worthwhile experience leading us to reconsider the true values of our hearts.