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Renee McGivern

Nonprofit Spark – Top time-wasters by nonprofit boards and executives – 10/28/13

This week, we focus on five areas where you can give yourself the gift of time by eliminating some bad habits common to many nonprofit leaders and board members. My guest is Phil Van Horn, the CEO of Align, a Cheyenne, Wyoming nonprofit. His organization provides management consulting and leadership training to help clients become more efficient and effective.

Phil has come up with the top five time-wasters he sees over and over, and that he and his own staff are rigorous about addressing. The key to all of this is appreciating that your time, even as a volunteer, is not free. There are costs to wasting it and they come at the price of satisfaction and effective governance.

This show is designed to nudge you to doing a self-assessment about whether you value your time and that of others. I hope you enjoy it.