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Anne C. Graham

Solutions in Plain Sight – [Free Whitepapers!] Underperforming Sales Resources? This Unconventional AHA! Moment Can Turn Them Around.


There’s nothing worse than losing sleep at night because you have an underperforming Sales Manager or salesperson. Do you reprimand them? Fire them? Train Them? Hope they’ll change on their own? None of the above… at least, not at first. Here’s an alternative that produces surprising results.

Pauline O’Malley is internationally renowned for developing a sales training program used by over 100,000 professionals worldwide, yet has been known to let her clients know that further training would be a waste of their time and resources! She’s implemented a different best practice as owner and CEO of the consulting and training firm, Best People Win.

In this interview, you’ll hear why Pauline favors taking a closer look at a couple of key insights into employee behaviors that hold the key to deciding what to do next… a surprisingly simple way to get those insights… and how a new manager cost his company over a million dollars in sales by taking the wrong action rather than what Pauline recommends.

If you’ve ever wrestled with making the tough call on an underperformer, this is an AHA! Moment you won’t want to miss, and a Solution in Plain Sight you’ll want to implement immediately.

Solutions in Plain Sight Radio is all about the AHA! Moments that move the needle in your business, knowing how to effectively deal with underperformers is something I see many leaders handling poorly. Avoid being one of them with simple, practical, profitable solutions. Your next step? Listen, and then resolve to take a different approach the next time you’re faced with what may or may not be a performance issue.

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