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Just Between Us

Jackie Black, PH.D., BCC

Just Between Us – I Don’t Need a Matchmaker: I Can Do It myself

I used to think that people who hired Matchmakers couldn’t get a date on their own.

Boy was I mis-taken!

The truth is that some of the most eligible single men and women hire matchmakers, just like hugely successful executives hire executive search firms when they want to leave one company and go to another.

My guest for this episode is Ann Robbins, a Certified Professional Matchmaker and a Master Certified Relationship Coach and the founder and CEO of LifeWorks Matchmaking, LLC based in Orlando, Florida with offices throughout the southeastern US. Ann has been featured on CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, NPR as well as in The Miami Herald, The Orlando Sentinel, Boomer-Living Magazine, and numerous media publications.

If you are ready to live the life that you lovewith the love of your life, AND you haven’t found him or her yet, AND you’ve never considered hiring a Matchmaker, this episode might change your mind. And then do yourself a favor and schedule a brief conversation with Ann. You’ll be glad you did!