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Prosper Now!

Tracy O’Brien

Prosper Now! – The Confidence To Promote You

Self-promotion. Does the very thought leave you feeling a little arrogant or uncomfortable? Does it make you feel like a taker? You’re not alone, and that is a huge stumbling block to greater success. What if you could change that by creating a win-win situation where you get what you want while helping others get what they want at the same time?

I called in the big guns to tackle this topic today. Jim Padilla is a high school basketball coach and the senior coach at Eric Lofholm International, one of the biggest internet marketing firms on the planet. Jim is going to share with us how to become people of influence in every area of life, and how to do that with integrity, authenticity and class.

Whole Life Prosperity picks up where Jim and I left off, talking about the most important person you will ever need to influence, and a gift to help you do just that. And to wrap it up, I’m inviting you to a powerful telesummit that’s going to rock your world and reduce your stress!