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The Philosophy of Security

Rich Roth

The Philosophy of Security – Handwriting Analysis one of the least used tools in investigations and pre interview skills these days.

Mr. Barry Wilson is the President of Anlance Security which can be found at http://anlancesecurityagency.com and is a true expert and instructor in the field, he has used this skill in analyzing threat letters to high threat targets in the Entertainment and Political fields. As one of the principal instructors at ESI (Executive Security International) he teaches both bodyguards as well as corporate security specialists. As a tool, it is used to look at the writing of people waiting to be hired or to develop suspects in corporate espionage. Being a tool, to not hire someone or to fire someone base exclusivly on their handwriting is not a good idea. As Barry says it just gives you hints as to areas you may want to talk to a person about. Barry has analysed everything from serial killers to Presidents hand writing, and in blind tests completely amazes both students and staff alike. If you want to hire Barry to teach or to test, give him a call, you may not want to write him.

— Rich Roth Exec. Director CTI Consulting Ph# 301-907-0127 Linked-in Rich Roth Twitter RichRoth1