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Time Management Radio – Michael Johnson, Entrepreneur, Author: 5 Things They Don’t Teach in Business School


Every day of your business life you’ll encounter pitfalls and roadblocks to your success. How you handle them is up to you. Michael Johnson is an award-winning book and magazine publisher and a successful entrepreneur with over 30 years of business leadership experience. He offers the kind of friendly, honest, down-to-earth business advice you’d expect from a trusted mentor.

Michael shares stories to help you learn the hard earned lessons he’s already experienced, saving you time, money, health and your sanity. We discuss:

• How you can add 2 weeks to your productivity by doing one simple activity
• Why you should stop setting deadlines
• How to get more done by limiting your workday to 8 hours
• Why you should never “Do Lunch”
• The real reason to know your Burn Rate
• Plus inspiration to guide you to what’s really important

Michael is the founder of, an educational website for sales professionals, marketers, and business owners. He’s also the creator of a product that has sold over 3 million units.

At age15, Michael dropped out of high school to take a full-time job. He joined the Army at 17. After the military, he worked as a ranch hand, factory and construction worker before venturing into the business world. He’s never taken a business course and brings a refreshing outsider’s view to the subject of business and time management.

Michael Johnson is the author of Rules of the Hunt on Amazon. Where you can find more fascinating real world advice on business. Rules of the Hunt offers lessons that you’ll relate to and profit from to help you win your race because, in the end, reaching success is up to you.

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