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Your Money: Your Choices

Hank Coleman

Your Money: Your Choices – How Marcro Economic Issues Affect Middle Class Americans

The stock market is humming along lately, but this is of course despite a few recent macro level economic hiccups. Thanks to the federal government and the shutdown the economy has continued to remain sluggish. According to a report recently released by Standard & Poor’s, the government shutdown cost the United States $24 billion in lost production and growth. It took out $24 billion from the U.S. economy over the 16 day shutdown.

In this episode of the Money Q&A podcast, “Your Money: Your Choices”, I interview Frank Trotter, the President of Everbank Direct, and we talk about how macro economic issues are affecting everyday middle class Americans. Should you be concerned about quantitative easing or other Federal Reserve policies? How do those decisions in Washington DC affect the rest of us? Will we ever see the return of a savings account that earns 4% annual rate of return or more? These questions and more are what I ask Frank Trotter. It is a great conversation about the economy and how large macro issues touch us all. Additionally, I talk with Claus Bell, analyst for about the economy and where mortgage rates and other key rates are going in the future. You won’t want to miss this great episode.