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You're Hired

Tom Payne

You’re Hired – A Job Interviewer’s Strategy, Tips and Tricks Revealed

Wouldn’t you like to know what the interviewer is thinking during a job interview? What are they looking for? What are some of their tricks? For example, did you know that interviewers who create a relaxed, comfortable environment can find out far more about you–including your weaknesses–than those who create a hostile or stressful environment? In this show Sharon Krohn, an executive recruiter who has conducted thousands of job interviews from the CEO-level on down, reveals the red flags that catch her attention, things as simple and correctable as the “curb appeal” of the resume, and the most powerful interview tool that is virtually used by no one. Since the job interview is an attempt to present yourself in the most effective way, understanding how the mind of the interviewer works can make the difference in a successful job search campaign.