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Caregiver Help Radio – How to Set Boundaries With Cranky and Controlling Parents

If your elderly mother is difficult, demanding and demeaning, or if your dad has recently increased the intensity of his diatribes, you’ll want to join us as we visit with Dr. Joseph M. Casiani, Founder and President of Concept Healthcare, a company that provides online education and training for those working with older adults. Dr. Casciani has a distinguished 30-year career in the field of clinical geropsychology. He is also the author of the book, “Handbook of Health and Behavior, Psychological Treatment Strategies for the Nursing Home Patient”.

We talk about how to distinguish between depression and dementia-related challenging behaviors. We also talk about how to set boundaries with elderly parents who use anger and guilt as a method of control to get what they want from others.

Elaine shares her own love story. She also reveals how a promise she made 18 years ago combined with a few weeks of rain in September influenced her decision to make some major adjustments in her work and life.

She recently started contributing to the CaringTimes Blog distributed by Griswold Home Care. Click here to read her most recent blog about the “Silent Generation’s” attitude toward mental health problems.

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