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Leading Beyond the Status Quo

Al Gonzalez

Leading Beyond the Status Quo – Leading Through Boss vs Boss Conflict

What do you do if your VP is in conflict with another executive and you have to manage a project with both of their teams?

This week, our show is based on a real situation I went through early in my career when an trusted advisor told me:

“Al, there are two dinosaurs throwing rocks at each other and the rocks are falling all around you”.

Research shows that:

• 85% of workers deal with some conflict at work and 27% of employees witnessed conflict morphing into personal attacks.
• 49% of conflict is caused by personality clashes and 29% due to poor leadership!

Leadership expert Kate Nasser joins us this week to discuss a number of strategies that will not only help us lead through conflict with our peers, but also help you lead through situations when the big bosses are at odds with one another.