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Sheryl Glick

Healing From Within – Mystical Symbols From The Angels of Atlantis

In today’s episode of “Healing From Within” Host Sheryl Glick author of Life Is No Coincidence-The Life and Afterlife Connection, welcomes Stewart Pearce author of The Angels of Atlantis, the Alchemy of Voice and his newest tool for transformation and healing guidance from spirit in the form of Angel Heart Sigils or mystical symbols from the Angels of that distant realm..Atlantis.

Stewart Pearce is an internationally renowned voice coach and sound healer who has helped many at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre and the Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art in London. He has worked with numerous celebrities and state persons, including Simon Callow, Vanessa Redgrave, and Anita Roddick as well as with corporations such as BBC and L’Oreal. He also coached the London 2012 Olympic Bid Team.

In the Foreword to Stewart’s book The Alchemy of Voice Mark Rylance Actor and Artistic Director of Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre shares an idea by Rumi, ancient mystic and poet, who writes of presence and the need to speak thoughts that are wise and loving with a certain easy presence and honesty. In learning how one develops such a healing voice we may refer to the Mayan ancient belief that says the world is created by a song which is sung continually by the gods. Everything we receive via our senses is a manifestation of the vibrations of this song. In a way this belief is not far from the scientific belief that all matter is just vibrating energy. The ancient Mayan gods appreciated beauty in the form of the laws of courtesy on an ethical plane and beautiful sounds were particularly loved.

The voice can Heal…and Stewart shares his intuitive and spiritually guided knowledge of sound and vibration for the purpose of helping us know a deep place within, memories or fears of who we are, and as Confucius stated, “One changes society by first changing society’s language.”

A beautiful quote from Stewart in The Alchemy of Voice is “Used to its full capacity your voice has the power to affect your life in a multitude of wonderful ways, …when it is connected to your heart and comes from deep within, then it will have the power to transform your life.”

Variable factors that affect the voice are developmental, educational, social and geographic. Other factors such as stress, trauma, illness—in short, the negative influences of our physical, emotional and mental state..examples of this are the breathy voice of the seemingly shy, withheld person of Marilyn Monroe, or that of the cracking voice of someone in fear or under stress, the indistinct tonal color of the insecure, and the booming blast of the bombast are all clear illustrations of a person who may not be emotionally or physically balanced and in full health. Also, someone who speaks from their cerebral quality or solely in the head is different than the warmth of emotional resonance that is heard from one who speaks from the heart…Ultimately the voice is your identity in sound and the expression of your integrity and individuality in the world.

It may be helpful to learn more about our health, spiritual and emotional issues by thinking about our voice, by examining the tone of voice, words chosen, and how you perceive the quality of your own voice. Is your voice flat and dull, or lively and energetic?…are you expressive or do you seldom change your tone?… do you mumble, speak fast, hesitate, or seldom stop?…are you loud or soft? Do you often sound angry, uncertain, timid, bossy, or confident? Do you shout, plead, or give orders? Do you get the response you would like from others without raising your voice? Do you leave out final consonants in the words you chose..does speaking more loudly feel as if it strains your voice?..are you self-conscious about your voice? What would you like to change about your voice?

In Stewart Pearce’s book The Angels of Atlantis he shares his awareness at an early age of enlightened Beings and how the Atlanteans vibrated in accord with a completely different biochemistry from our contemporary molecular status. Their super-coherence was created and nourished by an octave of spiritual intelligence far surpassing anything we currently attain except for a few notable exceptions much like the Atla Priesthood of Atlantis…they are the Bodhisattva…the living Saints such as the Dali Lama etc. who through spiritual quest have sought a point of optimum Being..ness: who through discipline and service to the Divine have achieved degrees of enlightenment that vibrate refined states of love within physical embodiment.

Many great minds have written accounts of Atlantis such as Plato, Francis Bacon and more contemporary visionaries such as Helena Blavatsky, Rudolph Steiner, and Edgar Cayce and others as they searched for the divine within themselves and ways to bring heaven to earth.

As the ancient Atlanteans were aware within the core of sound lies the blueprint of creation of the Cosmos, of the planet, of your life and all sentient life. The vision of those Atlantean times was a personal mastery encouraged by a spiritual practice by 12 archetypal characteristics taught by the great Angels and their fervent wish in the belief that collaboration, rather than competition is the next evolutionary step for mankind. Once we aligned to the interconnectivity of life’s matrix, we will move past the condition of Homo Sapiens meaning intelligence to Homo Noeticus meaning wisdom and then to the state of being Homo Luminous (Human Angels)

These changes will eventually affect our DNA transcending the two strands of current DNA molecules producing 3 strands in our molecular DNA. Increased waves of intergalactic energy are reaching us from a rapidly expanding Universe and the opportunity for advanced intuitive powers to expand our souls and energy bodies is now available to us. Extremely unusual global phenomena are also happening such as dramatic weather conditions, unusual bird and animal behavior, physiological complaints, seasonal lengthening or contracting, and manifestation of intended action. According to Stewart the Atlanteans lived with a 12 Helix DNA and the fusion of their DNA in alignment with their physical chakra or energy system, allowed them to live a fifth dimensional status beyond the three dimensional-4 dimensional status we have now. Their lives vibrated with an increased sensitivity for love and peace and unified within meant an increased sense of clairsentience, clairaudience, and clairvoyance and these abilities used creatively allow the manifestation of material substance via telekinesis: mind over matter.

Sheryl Glick’s new book, scheduled for release early 2014, Whispers From Spirit- Beyond the Doorway: Answers for Healing and Infinite Love shares practical ways to implement the changes at play in our environment, and ourselves at the present time, that Stewart is describing in his book, The Angels of Atlantis. To harness this intensified Universal Energy, incorporate alternative healing modalities into our lives and to heighten our innate intuitive gifts bringing about a world community of Conscious Citizens and a state of Heaven on Earth…not fiction, and not beyond our abilities..the time for implementation and the use of all our senses can further these developments now.

Stewart’s newest gift to us is in sharing the amazing Angel Heart Sigils: which The Angels of Atlantis have chosen as a magical way of appearing closer to our lives and letting us see their hearts as Sigils in the form of sacred geometry. Sigils show a representation of the essence of a subject without totally revealing its vibration. These higher Angelic Dimensions exist in the seventh dimension and for some time have indicated their presence will be seen when the collective consciousness was ready. The Angels also want us to hear and feel them beyond the paintings or artwork of former generations and that time is fast approaching us.

In discussing the names and individual missions for the 12 Angels of Atlantis we discover Gabriel: The Divine Messenger, Hanael: The Sacred Warrior, Jophiel: The Holy Liberator, Metatron: The Supernal Teacher, Michael: The Cosmic Leader, Raphael: The Holy Healer, Raziel: The Divine Mysteries, Sandalphon: The Sacred Guardian, Shamael: The Divine Guide, Uriel: The Eternal Companion Zadkiel The Divine Comforter, Zaphkiel: The Sacred Lover.

Stewart Pearce and Sheryl Glick are reminded by the characteristics and virtues of the 12 Angels of Atlantis and all the holy vibrational beings and loved ones in Spirit, that as then, we are still and always guided by the wondrous aspects of Universal Energy, Love and The Expanding truths of Heaven and Earth. Within each of us is the personal will and expression for freedom and the finding of our true voice; the voice of kind words and acts from the heart, making us greater Souls able to bridge the gap between Cosmic forces and other dimensions. Thinking it so is the way to Our new Reality.