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Holistic Wellness

John Char, DDS, DHM, LMT, PhD

Holistic Wellness – Facial Beauty and Beyond To Good Health + Rejuvenating Your Aging Skin

Part 1 – Facial Beauty and Beyond to Good Health: A dialogue on how structures of the face and head affect facial beauty – cosmetic, esthetic and function. What are the primary nerves and facial muscles that create facial and neck pain. Are there sutures in the head that causes headaches, migraine, loss of memory and chronic tiring?

Does trigger points affect your beauty in the face? How does trigger point weaken the facial muscles and created deep furrows and lines in the face? The lips are discussed and how it plays a role in swallowing, breathing, obstructive sleep apnea. What facial expression create wrinkles in the face. Certification in facial esthetics. Instant beauty as a result of botox and dermal fillers.

Part 2 – Rejuvinating Your Aging Skin: Wrinkles now have a greater social impact because people live longer. Dermal aging is multi-factorial process. There are twenty -four causes for underlying causes of skin and premature skin damage, Why commercial lotions and moisturizers only use a few products iike alpha-hydroxy acid and beta-glucan as their mainstay active ingredient. Quick fix botox and dermal fillers are the norm today in facial esthetics. Do you have other options? Why 28 ingredients for skin care are needed to smooth wrinkles, lines and deep furrows. 14 important reasons that topical bioactives repair and rejuvenate the skin. Ceramides derived from from whole wheat grain can create beauty within by nourishing the skin’s matrix and keeping the skin firm. Do the dentist have the complete package for facial beauty. Listen to what Dr. Char has to say about these.