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Inside Cosmetic Surgery Today – Fat Ankles & Calves? Get Rid Of Them with Ankle Liposuction: Dr Lycka & Dr Copeland


Fat ankles & calves are a problem for many women and until recently it has been a tricky area to help. However the latest ankle liposuction techniques provide a great way to get rid of fat ankles & calves, and to create shapely and attractive legs in their place. But this is a specialist technique and this week on Inside Cosmetic Surgery Today, your host Dr Barry Lycka welcomes Dr Michelle Copeland, a Harvard-trained plastic surgeon from central New York. Dr Copeland sees patients from all over the world about their fat ankles and calves, and today she shares some great information on how ankle liposuction is used. The two doctors agree that the procedure should really be known as ankle liposculpture. They discuss all aspects of the procedure including who is an ideal candidate for it , what are potential problems and risks, and the recovery time. And they share great stories of how patients have really benefited from going ahead with this and the changes it made to their lives. Suffer no more with ‘cankles’ – there is a solution for you!
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