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Prosper Now!

Tracy O’Brien

Prosper Now! – How to Get What You Want

We all want to get what we want, but unless you’re a sociopath, you want to be able to do that with integrity, without using or manipulating. Exactly how does that work? How do we get the sale, get our kids to do what we want them to do, successfully put our new idea across at the next board meeting?

It’s all a matter of influence, and today’s guest is a master of what he calls “elegant influence”. Join me as I talk with Eric Lofholm, of, author of The System, who is going to show us how to make the sale, get the job done, steer the course of your company or family, all in a manner that has everyone feeling happy and cooperative.

Eric was so awesome that I gave him the entire show, including the Whole Life Prosperity segment because this really does work for the whole of your life!