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Ripley Radio: An On-Demand Oddcast


Ripley Radio: An On-Demand Oddcast – Audrey Graduates High School at 99, Sideshow Talker Ward Hall active at 84

The elderly rock this week on Ripley Radio. 76-year old Dr. Stanley Paris, already a record setter in several categories, is setting out to be the oldest and the fastest person to ever sail around the world – solo!; Ward Hall, the King of the Sideshow, is still on the bally stage in front of his sideshow at 84 and has no plans to retire; and Audrey Crabtree finally received her high school diploma at 99 years of age. We talk with Paris and Crabtree about their activities and achievements and sideshow historian James Taylor visits us and talks about one of the most unusual men he has ever met in his life – Ward Hall.

Additional Wacky Stories on the Nov. 18 episode of Ripley Radio, the official radio show of Ripley’s Believe it or Not! The planet’s most unusual alcoholic drinks, including seagull wine, are discussed; and we hear from author Todd Borandi, who wrote the book, “Awakening among Zombies and Vampires,” visits and explains how he went from being a zombie to being a vampire to a being a fully aware human! He tells us how he did it!
Katy Perry provides this week’s musical egress with her new hit, Roar!