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Dr. David Kenneth Waldman

The Global Child – Giving a Voice through Literature: A conversation with Tatiana Strelkoff

Tatiana Strelkoff author of The Changer which was her first published book. In her own words “I wrote it because I wanted my readers to experience nature and animals intimately. I wanted to help them commune with the animals in their lives, get on some sort of wavelength that fosters closer relationships because when we approach our animal friends like our human friends we are the richer for it. Since I am deeply touched by nature, by the wind that comes like a messenger, bringing me scents and sounds, by the colors of the trees, by the ever-changing majesty of the sky, I wanted to share this, too, because if we notice the beauty around us, even in our own backyards or down a city street, our lives are happier. Dr David Kenneth Waldman, who published this book, provided editing, found a superb illustrator and made the final book exactly what I was hoping it would be. He also helped me see that there was a sequel waiting”.

Ms. Strelkoff is particularly attuned to the beauty and the power of words. In fact, she writes because as she says ” I can’t draw. When I was a kid I’d see something I wanted to share – a gorgeous winter dawn or a fat, sleepy kitten – so I would try to draw it and it never looked even remotely like what I was looking at. It was frustrating, and annoying to have to describe my pictures because nobody could tell what they were, until the day I realized I could describe it from the start, write it down and capture the sight in words. It worked, and I never looked back. Most of my stories are for middle grade readers. That age, 9-12, is a precious time in life – beginning to understand complex ideas and adult sentences without losing the ability to wonder and marvel at the world. Maybe inside I’m still in that time frame though there are, of course, issues and concepts that require greater maturity and those are the stories I’ve written that are more suitable for a young adult, or adult, audience. When I write I am aiming for your senses, hoping that you will feel and see and smell and think things you might not have otherwise. The greatest pleasure is finding out if I have succeeded, and hearing from my readers is a joy. It helps me hone my art and develop friendships – what more could a writer ask for?”

Come join us for an inspirational conversation with children’s book author Tatiana Strelkoff. Listen as we discuss the themes of her books which capture and teach lessons of life which I certainly relate to such as: the wonder of nature, ethical decisions of a teenager, how to reach for the sky and understand there are no limits to what you may do with your life, a story of love between two girls, is love plain and simple, and the feelings which overcome us when there is a loss of someone you love. Ms Strelkoff discusses how she captured her feelings when she learned that she could not draw but that she could write; and give her voice through literature. Tatiana Strelkoff has published with Rebecca House Publishing International, and her books are available on Kindle and from the publisher The O’Brien Press

This is one show you will not want to miss this holiday season.