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Turning Problems Into Profits

Ann Hession

Turning Problems Into Profits – FACE, PACE and ACE your way to a thriving business: Expert interview with Brandon Kelly of Eagle Consulting

Every business owner faces problems every day, but it’s up to you whether you let those problems beat you down and put you under, or you find ways to turn those challenges into huge wins. Brandon Kelly of Eagle Consulting has overcome cancer and multiple serious car accidents, and what he learned in the process made it possible for him make his first million while still in his twenties, start and sell several successful businesses, and help many other companies transform their biggest problems into stellar success. Listen in to find out Brandon’s system to FACE, PACE and ACE your challenges, and the ABC’s of Business Survival, Thrival and Revival – including how he turned around a business that was 3 weeks away from closing its doors forever.

Special bonus before the interview – find out the 3 simple things you can do to make your LinkedIn profile more effective for your business, so that you, like me, actually get new business from LinkedIn.
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