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Your Business, Your Heart!

Oma Edoja

Your Business, Your Heart! – Cash in on Your Authentic Voice: How to Make More Money, with More Joy, Being Authentically YOU!

Norma T. Hollis, America’s Leading Authentic Voice Doctor, asserts that most of us are no longer the people we were in our childhoods. And having strayed from our original, authentic selves, we experience discord which can manifest as unhappiness at work and in business. In today’s episode, Norma shares how to re-discover the true you, how to profit from living authentically and how to harness your natural gifts and talents, putting more money in the bank! And if your business has lost its shine, Norma shares how to get it back!

Find out more about Norma: http://www.normahollis.com/

Meet with Norma: http://www.meetwithnorma.com/