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You're Hired

Tom Payne

You’re Hired – Plan to Work, Work Your Plan

The goal is to find the best opportunity as effectively and efficiently as possible. Long layoffs can be financially painful both in the short- and long-term. To limit the amount of downtime we need to focus on the most important job search issues in a manner that is somewhat sequential. Anita Jenke, the Executive Director of the Career Transitions Center of Chicago, shares the type of plan that is taught by this organization and invites jobseekers to download some of the free job search tools their web site offers. Please visit to take advantage of these tools that will enable you to develop and follow your own plan. Among the many topics this show discusses are: the plan’s initial focus of the person who is looking for work; how to deal with the emotional impact that can sideline a successful job search; where networking and informational interviewing fit into the plan; the value statement and answering the question, “Tell me about yourself?”, and much more.