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A Lasting Love

Hadley Finch

A Lasting Love – Love Revolution: Reology Creates Lasting Love, Passion, Romantic Fun

Get elegant secrets of lasting love with revolutionary relationship and dating advice from Jake Eagle, and host Hadley Finch,

It is rare when I read a book so inspiring and powerful that I want to hold onto it and soak up its great energy, insights and tools on every page that can transform your love life, starting right now. This is how I feel about Jake Eagle’s revolutionary book, ReRight Your Life – An Introduction to Reology.

Jake is a happily-married psychotherapist living in Santa Fe. He is the co-founder of REOLOGY, which can transform your love life today. In our compelling, life-changing conversation, you’ll discover:

* Why the way we think and speak is the main source of our unhappiness and dissatisfaction, and how to change that now;
* How a simple word shift eases conflicts and creates easy, happy relationships;
* How six new rules of speaking known as ReSpeak instantly turn obstacles into opportunities and transform your life today;
* How praise and blame promote or sabotage love, success, happiness;
* The best age to teach our children how Respeak controls their happiness and success;
* The steps that pull happiness from someday to today;
* The 3 causes and cure for the unhappy life or relationship;
* How adults make up for inadequate nurturing in childhood to behave as a happy grownup in love;
* The ideal age children should separate emotionally from parents;
* The Rite of Passage that every man and woman must take if you want to choose create a passionate and fun romantic relationship with a lasting love;
* How Reology was inspired by illustrious life work of the late Dr. John Weir and his wife, Joyce Weir, who used these Love Tools to enjoy a happy, passionate relationship until their 90’s when death parted them;
* The profound yet simple dating and relationship advice that opens your heart to receive all the love, passion and romantic fun you deserve now.