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Guide for Gay Living – Conan Dunham — Historical Perspectives of Gay Liberation

Current news stories center on the rising developments in marriage equality and movement towards federal protection against discrimination in housing and employment for LGBT citizens. However, progress does not occur in a vacuum nor does it come without cost, and much of the price of today’s freedoms was paid years ago. Names like Harvey Milk and Troy Perry might be familiar to older members of the gay community, but for many they are either characters in a movie or ancient history. For openly gay singer and songwriter Conan Dunham, they are real people who participated in the forefront of the rights enjoyed today. He shares his experiences with the real Harvey Milk, Troy Perry and the Freedom Train to Washington. His song (“Tell ‘Ol Anita“) reflects on the positive impact that Anita Bryant’s declaration of war against gays had on galvanizing the gay community to action. Listen and appreciate the stories and experiences he shares of the historical framework that led to many of today’s improvements for LGBT members.