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Sheryl Glick

Healing From Within – A Glimpse of Heaven-Near Death Experiences/Religions

In today’s episode of “Healing From Within” Sheryl Glick your host and author of Life Is No Coincidence-The Life and Afterlife Connection, and her soon to be released new book Whispers From Spirit welcomes Christopher Coppes author of The Essence Of Religions- A Glimpse of Heaven in the Near Death Experience. Christopher’s last book , Messages from the Light, is about the messages people have brought back to share after surviving a near death experience. Dr. Eben Alexander, neurosurgeon, NDE survivor, author of Proof of Heaven and a recent guest of this show wrote…Christophor’s refreshing and comprehensive analysis of major religions in light of the profound lessons from numerous NDE journeyers offers a rich tapestry of understanding that I find most valuable.”

Christophor Coppes has an amazing and varied array of life interests to share…He works at the Dutch Central Bank in Amsterdam and holds a PhD in economics from the University of Groningen. Christophor has published many scientific articles on finance while maintaining a strong interest in humanitarian issues. His first book was based on the true story of how friends and family looked after a terminally ill AIDS patient and helped him through the final stages of his life. In 2008 Christophor became the president of The International Association For Near-Death Studies in the Netherlands.

Christopher suggests all NDE’s are extraordinary and all offer similar descriptions of the events, feelings, and awarenesses gathered while in that state: Many of the guests on “Healing From Within” such as leading expert for 45 years, Dr. Raymond Moody author of Life After Life, Dr. Eben Alexander, neurosurgeon and author of Proof Of Heaven, Anita Moorjani, author of Dying to Be Me have expressed their joy in being part of the expansive and enlightening episode of a NDE experience and also the value it served in their greater appreciation for all life forms.

Christopher tells us some of the main principles that people who have a near death experience discover……

1 It is the first step into the Afterlife or heaven…a feeling of peace quiet, and happiness often beginning with an out of body experience.

2 Sometimes Beings of Light are seen and occasionally met during the outer body experience.

3 That we can feel everything we have done for others, or to others, as if it happened to us, is a very remarkable “Special Effect.” The Light is also unique in extending tremendous Forgiveness and the Unconditional Love that is radiated from it. While we may feel ashamed by our actions or behavior during our life review…The Light does not change at doesn’t judge and remains totally loving.

4 Everything is important. We all belong to a Unity Universe where we are profoundly interconnected and Everyone has a task on Earth they have to complete.

5 Everyone is indispensible and everyone’s presence on Earth is required. If we cope with our problems and come through them, with the passage of time we will find ourselves in new situations and our life will become better. Life is a gift.

6 Returning Home is Our Birthright—Near Death Experiencer’s are convinced that “Consciousness survives physical death and consciousness is eternal…they are no longer afraid of dying. As a result of a near death experience, there is a greater desire to live life fully.

7 Love is The One Building Block Love and compassion are what we can bring back to the Light and love for everyone and everything and all of nature, not just for our own family or our own clan, or nationality, our partners in religion….Everyone is equal.

In describing the 5 Major Religions: Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, Christopher offers his belief that the misuse of any religion dilutes the true meaning of the search for our inner connection to Universal Energy or Source. This book is meant as a tool to reconsider some of the dogmas of the five major world religions that may unknowingly be detrimental to human evolution and the world at large. It is also meant to observe this body of religious dogma and replace it with something more uplifting and in alignment with the unconditional love that we call God: Allah, YHWH, Brahman, or the Buddhas, or the light that appears in the visions of those who have had near- death experiences. In comparing the essences of the 5 major religions with the essences of NDE’s there are some parallels to be drawn and some areas where the religions seem to have gone astray. Consequently, the beliefs and spiritual insights of those who have had near death experiences seem to be more universal than each of the religions individually, suggesting there are gaps in the man made renditions of the Divine Plan or purpose for religion in general.

In beginning with a detailed description of Hinduism it soon becomes apparent that though they believe there may be as many as 330 million Gods, in fact Hinduism is more of a monotheistic religion than originally thought. Hinduism may actually be the oldest religion still in practice. Hindus call it the Sanatana Dharma which is translated “the eternal religion” but really means the eternal or correct conduct or behavior. Dharma is thought to be like the law of nature, or the law of gravitation, or the law of cosmic order by which everyone is governed. Cosmic order is characterized by cycles one of which is the cycle of life: everyone who dies is born again and this repeating reincarnation only stops when we reach a level of correct behavior or unconditional love and respect for all of life. Near-death experiences seem to support this idea.

Karma suggests that according to how a man acts and walks in life so he becomes…He that does good becomes good: he that does evil becomes evil. Karma will determine our position in the next incarnation according to the Hindu philosophy. In Near Death Experiences, it has been reported there is a Life Review …gaining consciousness and an understanding of the loving presence of the Light or eternal life force and total forgiveness is essential for learning from our mistakes and will help us to know our actions and thoughts have a great effect in this world and the Universe..As an intuitive energy healer and medium, Sheryl Glick feels both these statements are at the core and reason for a soul to initiate a physical life experience.

Sheryl loved a quote Christopher gave about the term Unattached Action that is part of the way Hindus believe we may escape the cycle of rebirth or Samsara. Wisdom, which comes from Inactivity or Silence allows our senses to rest: we gain control over our body and mind and any form of asceticism and meditation. It is suggested that people who are overly active and run around cannot reach this state of consciousness in which the senses are silent and the Atman or soul is free. THIS TAKES WORK!

This quote further expresses a means for reaching a state of Unattached Action. “Do your work well but renounce the fruit of it. Accept your task as a fact of life and dedicate its result to God. This is unattached action that will not hinder you in escaping Samsara…the full surrender of everything you are and do for God. Extinguish ‘I’ and ‘mine’ and then know that all beings and everything are one, a unity in diversity, no ill towards anyone, you are compassionate and not afraid of others, you don’t cause trouble and treat friend and foe alike, untouched by respect and disrespect, you have the same feelings for pain and pleasure, you feel equal with blame or praise..You are content with your Lot. If all that is the case you will shed all remaining Karma.” Sheryl believes, in one way or another, all religions seek to impart this wise quote as the means to have their people live in that energy of “higher thought and action.”

Buddhism, while derived from Hinduism, is slightly different as Buddhism rejects “the caste system” of Hinduism which judges a person on the basis of the caste or sub caste they are born into..Buddhism rejects the caste system and says you don’t have to pay attention to outer appearances but derive your true worth in connection to God from the effort you display in the true search for peace within you.

Sheryl affirms Spirituality, might be considered the sixth religion, and offers her understanding that by self-investigation of your inner wisdom or soul presence, you may align yourself to God and transcend any fear or limitation of the physical world advancing beyond the rules or practices of structured religions for a personal communication with Spirit. Religions offer many valuable insights into the search for God but it is the responsibility of each soul to eventually remember their own divine spark of God within and awaken to their own source of co-creation.

In the chapter on Judaism, an important idea is shared of Monotheism or One God similar to Hinduism. Christianity and Islam are modeled on that idea as well. The idea that we must love ourselves and know everyone is important, having a divine spark of that One God within them, encourages us to love our neighbor as we love ourselves and one way or another that is a common theme of most religions.

In summarizing the versions of the major world religions and how near-death experiences support some of their beliefs but in a less dogmatic fashion, Christophor suggests that we remain limited by our four-dimensional world, and that science is now revealing we only see a fraction of our Energetic or Soul lives.

In attempting to discourage any kind of misuse by religious belief systems and to utilize the information brought back from people who have experienced a near-death experience, we are reminded that most of the religions suggest suffering and loss are a common necessary state to achieve God’s purpose for you..also, religions tend to create a separation from allowing their practitioners to explore other ways to find God on a deep personal level. However Christophor and Sheryl believe the true nature of man and Spirit are one of love and compassion eliminating any need for suffering. As a means to explore this idea Christophor suggests we study and observe other religions as the means to develop an awareness of the many similarities, and for developing acceptance and a commonality of purposes. As we further know personal communication with the Divine may be developed by utilizing prayer, meditation, and learning to let go somewhat, but of course not totally, of the needs and illusions of the ego and physical world- as this serves a purpose also. Christophor and Sheryl will also suggest that suffering is a human choice and that peace and love are our natural state of being…judgment, shame, sin, guilt, fear and other projections of negative emotions supported by any belief system, are the reason for pain and suffering. When our fears are conquered and our hearts and minds open, as near death journeyer’s have discovered, we are led to a true understanding of our eternal nature, essence, and the many possibilities for a healthy, joyful physical and spiritual life.