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Hope, Healing and WellBeing – Give Your Soul a Gift with Anke Otto-Wolf

Anke Otto-Wolf is an award-winning author and a Jack Canfield Trained Personal Growth Expert.

A former teacher, she received an award from former President Bill Clinton and Marian Edelmann of The Children’s Defense
Fund for her work with inner-city children. Anke’s latest book is “Give Your Soul a Gift: A PowerfulJourney to Spiritual Awakening.” As Founder of Sedona Soul Balance, Anke combines proven personal growth methods with the Spiritual Wisdom of Native Americans. She guides people through the maze of metaphysical information to help them find their own Balance, Self-Belief and Self-Power.

Anke begins by discussing her work as an energy healer who works in Sedona, a place considered to have a strong vortex of energy. She then shares ideas for how we can go deeper and reconnect with our souls, including developing daily rituals, spending time in nature, meditating, and enjoying music and beauty. The importance of spiritual awakenings is demonstrated by her discussion of them, including how we know we are experiencing one. Based on her extensive work with children, Anke is passionate about finding ways to “touch a child’s soul.”

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