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Renee McGivern

Nonprofit Spark – Project Streamline: Reducing the burden of applying for and managing grants – 11/25/13

Do you ever grumble, “There’s got to be a better way,” when it comes to applying for, managing and reporting on grants? Do you wish you could provide feedback to funders about how dreadful their website and procedures are?

Then you’ll be happy to hear my guests on this week’s show discuss Project Streamline, a national program from the Grants Managers Network that is addressing the waste of time and energy caused by inconsistent and inefficient reporting and application procedures.

Michelle Greanias is the executive director of the Grants Managers Network and project manager for Project Streamline. She has spent most of her career in philanthropy.

Jessica Bearman is an independent consultant who provides strategic planning and support to Project Streamline. She is the researcher and author of the Project Streamline reports, Drowning in Paperwork, Distracted from Purpose, and most recently in 2013, Practices that Matter.

The intention of Project Streamline is to reduce the burden on nonprofits and free up more time and money for mission-based activities and it’s exciting to hear how this program has already begun to alter the approach grantmakers are taking with their processes and procedures. Guess what? They don’t like all the budgets and paperwork either!

A previous episode of Nonprofit Spark is a great companion to this interview. “Funders: Stop asking non-profits for budgets” is a feisty interview about our 990s and working with grantmakers.

This week’s show is a hopeful one for a hopeful holiday season. Enjoy!