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Protecting Your Health

Dr. Donald Robbins and Dr. Kathleen Boyle

Protecting Your Health – Gluten Free? Can You Drink Grain Alcohol? Safe Shrimp – Is It Possible? Prostate Cancer Stopped With This Food. New Alzheimer’s Therapies. Your Child’s 1st Dental Visit. Life Threatening Infection Can Kill Your Dog.

Millions are sensitive to wheat and gluten products but still drink alcohol made from grain. Is there a health risk of a reaction to the grain alcohol? Find out how you can know if wheat or gluten is in your drink.

Half our seafood is imported. But how safe and clean is it? Where does our imported shrimp come from and under what conditions is it processed? We give you recommendations as to what shrimp to buy and what questions to ask the seller to protect your health.

New study shows this common vegetable is more effective than spinach and other vegetables in reducing prostate cancer risks. If you are male and want to reduce your risk of prostate cancer, you must listen to this story. And hear new research on Alzheimer’s treatments that are working to reduce the symptoms.

When should you take your child to the dentist for their first visit? The result may surprise you!

Your female dog may be at risk of this condition and may die within 48 hours. Learn the signs and symptoms to protect your pet from getting this infection.