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The Collector's Show

Harold Nicoll

The Collector’s Show – For The Week Of August 19

Our guest this week is Laurence (Larry) Zale. He is the president of Laurence C. Zale Associates, Inc., an independent visual arts advisory firm. Larry will be a regular/weekly guest on the program for the next 26 weeks.

Larry is a noted author and speaker on the topic of collecting fine art, collectibles and other tangible property. His expertise will be useful to those who want to start, manage, sell or donate a collection during their lifetime or as part of their estate. Articles he has written, co-written or for which he was interviewed have appeared in Business Week, Chubb Collectors Newsletter, Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine, Journal of Financial Planning, Canvas: The Arts, Council on Foundations, ARTINFO, among others. His clients include collectors, universities, hospitals and other charitable organizations.