Money and Success

Turning Problems Into Profits

Ann Hession

Turning Problems Into Profits – The simple question most business owners have no answer to – and are losing sales every day because of it

The vast majority of small business owners are unable to answer a REALLY IMPORTANT question in a way that is even remotely compelling. What is that question? It’s this: “What is it that makes your business unique, and that would make me choose you over your competitors?”

If you think you have a good answer for that question, and your answer contains any of these phrases, “We have the best quality,” “We have the best service,” “We’ve been in business since _____,” “We’re family owned and operated,” “We really care about our customers…” then it’s time to get real and admit that unless your competitors are saying “Our products are mediocre, our service is substandard, we opened yesterday and we don’t really care whether you come back or not,” then you DO NOT have a good answer to that question.

And you need one!

On this episode of Turning Problems into Profits, learn step by step EXACTLY how to create and communicate a Market Dominating Position for your business, and start creating the leads, sales and profits you have always wanted!