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On America’s Frontlines of Crime and War

On America’s Frontlines of Crime and War – Gun Talk with Charles Watson from Red Jacket Firearms

In this episode my special guest is a member of the very well to do Reality TV series on Discovery. Sons of Guns… you know it. Who doesn’t need a regular Sons of Guns episode fix? The good people at Red Jacket Firearms do the industry proud and they not only turn out some great products they are good red blooded Americans who are the backbone of what the 2nd Amendment is all about in this country.

My special guest in this episode is Charles Watson, a veteran Forensic Firearms Expert and the go to guy for troubleshooting pesky puzzles at Red Jacket.

I got to ask Charlie’s opinion on several fundamental firearms questions and hear his response to the fun debates we always hear around the community.
Hear him answer what a beginner should carry and what he recommends to the experienced shooter.

Charlie explains what a BBQ Gun is and settles the debate of what place the 1911 can now take in the history of handguns.

Learn with humor what a .380 Long Rifle is and his opinion on what caliber he prefers in a working Handgun.

Overall you get to listen to a good fun conversation. Hear what the good folks at Red Jacket are doing and what training options they now have with an Airsoft line and how it got introduced. Another season will be coming out soon so you will soon have your Sons of Guns regular fix.

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