Championship Thinking in Sports

Jim Meier

Championship Thinking in Sports – Climbing the Success Ladder the Kansas State Way

Every day Kansas State head baseball coach, Brad Hill* thinks about what is needed to inch upward another rung on the collegiate success ladder. In his 26 year college coaching career has had steady, significant success doing just that. The run down: Hutchison CC ’88-90 record 83-50 , U. of Kansas ’91-94 record 144-92, Central Missouri State ’95-’03 record 198-17 including national champions in ’03 and Kansas State ’04-present 338-243-3. In Brad’s 1st year at K-State, the team finished 26-30 and 10th in the Big 12. Other than a slip on the ladder in 2012 his Wildcat teams have methodically and climbed upward in the highly competitive Big 12. This year the Wildcats won the conference championship and coming within one game of the College World Series. Whether you are a coach, player or have another role in baseball, as you listen to Brad you’ll gain valuable insights. You’ll enjoy his no-frills, straightforward way of communicating. *4 time NAIA All-American at Emporium State U., ’81-84 and four years in the Texas Ranger minor league system.