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Bonnie Compton APRN, BC, CPNP


Well, it seems like we’ve just wrapped up our Thanksgiving celebrations, and we’re now in the month of December. Chances are, you’re knee deep in preparing for the holidays. This time of year is supposed to be a season filled with joy…right??? The media certainly does it’s part to portray a picture perfect season holiday season.

So are you eagerly anticipating the holidays or are you dragging your feet and becoming overwhelmed? Do you wish the holidays could be different…simpler…more peaceful? Well, according to my guest today…a peaceful holiday is possible.

I’ve invited my guest, Sue Elliott, to join our conversation. She will be sharing with us some tips on how to enjoy a “Happy Torture-Free Holiday”. Sue has had a lengthy career as a magazine editor. She is also a leading personal and executive transformation coach. Sue credits her years of experience as an editor, for heightening her ability to recognize our habits and patterns…our limited visions and beliefs. She’s able to get right to the heart of an issue and provide clarity for her clients…Sue’s clients often comment that she has an amazing “super power” of clarity.

Sue uses this clarity and insight in her audio program, Heartfelt Holidays, to help people let go of their fear, dread, anxiety and sadness around the holidays. Sue has discovered that change doesn’t have to be hard, and it doesn’t have to be painful. It can be fun, liberating and easy!
I hope you’ll take a moment…take a break