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Your Business, Your Heart!

Oma Edoja

Your Business, Your Heart! – Smart, Accomplished and Still Feel Like a Fraud! Overcoming Impostor Syndrome

You are talented, qualified and experienced in your field. You do great work, with positive feedback from clients and colleagues. Your track record speaks for itself. Yet, you still feel inadequate, uncomfortable with compliments, and certain you will soon be “found out” as a fraud! You take course after course, hoping it will make a difference, all to no avail. You could be suffering from Impostor Syndrome; yes, it does have a name! And there are women in every industry whose careers and businesses are held back by this phenomenon.

Join Dr Valerie Young and Host Oma Edoja on this factual and liberating episode of Your Business, Yourt Heart! It’s your time to break forth and shine!

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