Love and Relationships

Just Between Us

Jackie Black, PH.D., BCC

Just Between Us – The Key to Saying NO! to Other People’s Bad Behavior

Most of the time men and women alike look outside themselves and are oh so busy making excuses for themselves believing that they are OK and blaming others for their relationship failures: If only he would …then I; If she stopped …then I; If he or she wouldn’t …then I. When the very thing that is the problem is YOU!

It is true that there are men and women out there who are selfish, abusive, unkind and don’t deserve us. Yes, of course that is true.
But whose responsibility is it to recognize bad behavior, to say NO to bad behavior and to stop dating those folks or to end relationships with those folks as soon as you are being mis-treated or badly treated or treated in a way that simply doesn’t match for you?

Today we are going to focus on dating men and committing to men and staying with men who are abusive; and really start recognizing that you are in charge of saying NO to bad behavior and being abused. To stop looking outside of yourself and start exploring and looking at what you think, what you believe, what your fears and fantasies are and how that contributes to you falling in love and staying with bad boys, losers and abusers.

My guest is Nancy Nichols, a self-esteem-leader, national motivational speaker and the author of a book trilogy –three books that include Secrets of the Ultimate Husband Hunter; Never Date a Dead Animal; and God, Please Fix Me.

In this 30-minute episode of Just Between Us you very well might hear something that will change the way you see yourself in love-relationships forever!