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Dr. Randy, Radio Pet Vet

Dr. Randy Aronson, VMD, CCRT

P.A.W.S. Radio – Service Therapy Dog Misuse: defining disability, fakes and size.

Special guest:
Anne Wicklund Owner of: and author of several books covering service therapy dogs. They began their service mission, when a family member faced hearing loss.

What’s being done to combat the growing trend of selling service pet attire without screening legitimate needs. Wicklund lists the proper ways to represent a service dog and where they are allowed to go,plus, what people shouldn’t ask about. The organization applies their own due diligence with fact checking true needs.

Can smaller dogs qualify as therapy dogs? How long does it take to qualify a service dog?

What are the signs of a real service dog in public? Is there a uniformity requirement amongst the certification process assigned to pets nationwide?, Dr. Randy Aronson, Paul Blaushild, Behavioral Trainer
Green Cawood, Producer and Blogger