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Protecting Your Health

Dr. Donald Robbins and Dr. Kathleen Boyle

Protecting Your Health – Can Feeding Your Baby the Wrong Foods Cause Food Allergies? Four Reasons GMO Corn Can Hurt You and Your Children. Is Human Growth Hormone A Health Cure? Do Eggs Lead to Heart Disease? Feel Happy and Have Low Blood Pressure By Doing This with Your Pet.

Learn about a new study on foods parents feed their infant children. Can certain foods lead to food allergies later in their lives? What foods should you avoid and what can you increase to make a difference? Genetically engineered corn and corn products can hurt your children and their children. Hear four serious reasons to buy only organic corn.

What is the truth about taking human growth hormone? Does it really improve your physical condition and make you stronger and more fit? Are eggs good to eat to stay healthy, or are they still getting a bad rap?

This simple activity you can do with your pet can not only release “happy” endorphins but can also lower your blood pressure! And make your pet happier too!