Spirituality and Philosophy

Seeking Serenity

Dr. Margery Runyan

Seeking Serenity – New Year’s Revolution

Dr. Mercy interviews Mark Bowness in Melbourne, Australia, the founder of a project entitled New Years Revolution. Mark at the age of 34 is reaching out to other persons like himself who had come to the point of despair and returned to life with new joy and determination to have the best life possible. At 26, Mark was facing a divorce and a deep depression, reached the point of suicide, and awakened in a hospital with the insight to create an extraordinary life. He created a community in Fiji and later in Italy and Sierra Leone for persons willing to engage in a radical and holistic change. The community provides a supportive life style for anyone willing to change everything and sustain that change. In other words, MAKE A REVOLUTION in their lives. Mark also has organized a program with experts on change Principles of L.I.F.E. Change which our listeners can access free at www.newyearsrevolution.com. Mark is an inspiring person particularly for young people who want an exciting future.